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Join the year-long program designed specifically for local business owners to help them market their businesses more strategically, more easily, more enthusiastically, and with better results than ever before.

This high-touch online training and group coaching program will help you gain more consistency and predictability so you can take your business to the next level, where it deserves to be.

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The next Academy starts October 2022. Together, let's create a brand worth loving.


  • Your product or service deserves a brand-worth-loving! And, you want the guidance and know-how to create a brand that stands out and earns you raving fans.
  • Because you know that it takes more than one good promotion or sale to take you to the next level of income and impact. As a member of this academy, you get ongoing marketing support that grows and evolves as your business grows and evolves.
  • So you can stop spinning your wheels, second-guessing, wasting time, and learn to be more effective with your marketing efforts and resources.
  • Because you understand that you must get your marketing on track to reach new heights and gain momentum. And you know, it will be much easier and faster with a senior-level, experienced marketer in your back pocket.
  • You know action-takers get results, but only with the right actions! The Marketing On Purpose Academy will help you figure out what the right actions are and how to implement them more easily. 
  • Because even though you know you need to be consistent with your marketing efforts, you aren't. And your results show it. You need a lot of know-how and a bit of accountability to get on track.

What it's like to work with Hayley

"I have had the great pleasure to work with Hayley for the last 8 months in her Marketing on Purpose Academy and have learned so much. Marketing is not my strength, she is knowledgeable, amazing and patient with all that she shares. I feel overwhelmed a lot but her explanations & help make me feel like I can do it. She makes herself available for questions or extra help in the "hot seat". I am so grateful to have found her as she has taught me more about growing my business then I even realized I needed to know. I look forward to so much more with Hayley........"

Lori Garland
Owner, Hair by Lori Garland

"One of the things I really wasn’t good at was marketing my business. Hayley really helped me figure out who my ideal customer was, helped me step out of my comfort zone, and understand my business. With her assistance my business prospered, it grew quite exponentially. I finally had a real direction on things. If you need someone to help you with your business, I would highly highly recommend Hayley. I really can’t express how grateful I am to Hayley for what she’s done to help me with my business."

Paula Hunter-Borthwick
Paula Hunter - Psychic, Naturopath, and Medium

"Working with Hayley has helped me create a brand that I can be passionate about. She has shown me that my brand can be more than just the service that I provide. I could finally get excited about what we are doing and couldn’t wait to share it with others. Once we defined my brand, she gave me the foundations for how to effectively launch it. I believe that her training is necessary for any small business owner. Before we can market our business effectively, we need a clear definition of our brand and purpose. Without it, our marketing cannot be focused. A lot of effort, time, and money will be wasted. I am so grateful for what Hayley has brought to my business!"

Leah Ross
Registered Massage Therapist, Refresh Wellness Studio

"I was hitting a wall and felt like I was losing my leadership voice when I began to work with Hayley. Within a week, Hayley helped my team gain focus and we began to design a brand to challenge people to step up, be transformed and make a global impact. Hayley is incredibly holistic in her strategic planning and coaches from a posture of positive encouragement. She shows tough love when I need it but continues to push us to be better and make an impact in our community and world. I highly recommend Hayley if you are feeling stuck or need to find the secret sauce to empower yourself to become a better leader and communicate more clearly about your purpose."

Tanya N.
CEO, World Hope International

"Hayley has been an amazing Coach for our marketing efforts. Her expertise and adaptability over the first 6 months together met our changing needs and consistently advanced our brand. Professional, experienced, and focused...Hayley is simply great at what she does."

Justin Sweeney
Co-Owner, Bubbles & Balms


This is for you if:

  • You own or run a business, and are doing most of your own marketing, or have a small team helping you.
  • You've already made sales, acquired customers, and have seen some success. But, you know your business has much more potential and you are soooo ready to claim it.
  • You are willing to put in the work to get your strategies and messaging right. (Know that later, if you want, you can have someone else take over execution.) 
  • You have tried it on your own already, and you are so sick and tired of guessing, over-analyzing, and throwing darts.
  • You want someone who actually cares and has real experience & proven results to guide you to the next amazing chapter for your business.
  • You are ready to learn, make tough and strategic decisions, and take action to get you closer to your goals. You are ready for a change! 
  • You want to make a greater impact on society and are willing to use your business as a catalyst for positive change. (Oh how I love your heart!) 

"She helped me really uncover my "why's" and how I can put my message out there in a way that would resonate with potential clients. I would highly recommend Marketing On Purpose to anyone looking to get some clarity around their messaging and some help to take their business to the next level!"

Jennifer Gendron
Business Owner, Lifestyles Wellness Centre


Hey there! 

Small and local businesses need specific marketing strategies to address their own unique challenges and to capture unique opportunities. 

I've been marketing for almost 20 years working on national, international and regional brands. But over the last four years, I've been completely dedicated to small businesses and have worked with over one hundred business owners across an array of industries. And, being a detective at heart, I have  figured out a thing or two or twenty about what it takes to grow a local business. 

I'm taking big business strategies and tailoring them to suit local business needs. Through that process, I've discovered strategies and mindsets that can catapult you to new levels of success, if you implement them.

I want you to pay yourself what you are worth. I want you to be able to take a vacation. I want you to feel excited and inspired when marketing your business, and I want you to get the revenue you need to take your business to new heights. 

But, it doesn't really matter what I want, does it? It's what you want that really matters here. 

So I ask- Do you want more growth, more loyal customers, and the methods, strategies, and implementation support you need at your fingertips. Or, do you want to keep on keeping on just the way you are?  If you answered the first one, you're ready to read on, my friend. 

Hayley xo

Read Hayley's Professional Bio Here


  • ​You'll create a brand-worth-loving and strategic marketing plan to guide your efforts moving forward.
  • You'll learn who your ideal customers are, how to reach them, create deeper connections and trigger more buying and brand loyalty.
  • You'll create unique annual marketing plan that uses our proprietary ACRE Growth System to attract, convert, retain and expand your customer base and revenue. 
  • You'll attend nine (9) 2-hour interactive training sessions that allow you to take action immediately and leave with a sense of accomplishment. No more procrastinating.
  • You'll gain exclusive access to our online portal where you can access 100+ straight-to-the-point training videos to keep you moving forward.
  • ​You'll have access to an accountability coach who will keep you on task and moving towards your goals. 
  • You'll be part of a highly motivated group of local business owners supporting each other through the strategic marketing process and other growing pains.
  • You'll gain access to our Quick Response system for feedback within 24-48 hours.
  • You'll have access to a weekly "hotseat" session that gives you one-on-one time with Hayley (or a guest host) to cover any marketing-related topics, so you never feel stuck.


 PHASE 1: Foundations 

Brand Strategy, Brand Rollout, ACRE Growth Annual Marketing Plans, Mission & Vision

PHASE 2: The Groundwork 

Conversion Optimizers, Websites, Social Proof

PHASE 3: Consistency & Habits

Implementation Planning, Facebook, Instagram, Email Marketing, Mindset

PHASE 4: Power Ups

Paid Facebook and Instagram Ads & Multi-channel Campaigns



Apply Now

Since we will be spending an entire year together, I want to ensure that we can work well together. To be considered for one of the coveted 20 spots in the next cohort, you must apply. Feel free to apply now.

The next group starts in October 2022!

$8700 per year, monthly, or all at once.

Early bird BONUSES if you are pre-approved before September 30, 2022, and pay your first month by then as well, you will receive over $2000* worth of bonus!

🔥 Two months free (Saving you $1450!)

🔥 A social media audit with some quick-action recommendations for your business. (Value $400)

🔥 A $400 Facebook ads credit to be used after June 2023 ($400)

*Bonuses will be dripped at specific times throughout the program. Must be in good standing at the time of bonus drip to receive bonuses.

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