With the Future-Focus Challenge, you'll get the jumpstart you need to  re-invent your business into the most fulfilling, profitable and impactful version you can muster up. 

The Future-Focus Your Biz Challenge will help you:

  • Create a more concrete vision of the best business you can dream up.
  • See what's working for your business and what's not so can do more of what's working and correct what's out of whack.
  • Get the wheels turning for a more profitable, more exhilarating and more impactful business.

So, my friend,  if you are ready to future-focus your biz and open up to new possibilities, let's get the party started on June 1st.

What you get with the Future-Focus Your Biz Challenge...


"Prior to working with Hayley, it was overwhelming and I was panicked... Now I've got more clients than I can even handle with more asking me every week. Thank you Hayley for helping me achieve my dream."

Matt Daniels
Business Owner

About me

Hey there! I'm Hayley Bohan! I've been marketing for almost 20 years working on some really awesome Canadian brands including Alexander Ketih's, Swiss Chalet and Moosehead.  

When I turned 35, my children were still very young and career was taking me away more than I wanted. So I semi-retired and started working with a friend's small technology business. I did that for about four years. I fell in love with small business, but also noticed a lot of areas where they could use some strategic marketing and BRANDING guidance. 

So I founded Marketing On Purpose at the tail-end of 2017. Since then, I've worked one-on-one with over 70 small businesses to help them better understand their customers, their purpose beyond profit, build brands worth loving and grow their revenue! 

"Hayley helps you move your business forward. She helped me peel back my layers to discover my Purpose and my WHY. She helped me discover my seed to grow."

Amanda Hanson
Business Owner


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