The Strategic Foundation Boot Camp

Create a brand-worth-loving and the plan to bring it to life while significantly growing your small business. 

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The good news is that right now, buyers love small businesses. They want to support local. They want to support businesses that are making an impact. They value the small business mentality because they crave being truly and authentically valued. They want the little guy to win. 

They can also smell bad sales tactics, inauthenticity, and desperation a mile away. 

And what’s more, is that the world is getting smaller and smaller. Small businesses should be succeeding more than ever before. They aren’t as bound by location, size, or budget. They don’t need to pay huge dollars to be seen.

Word of mouth is huge for small businesses. And now, the world is your oyster, baby, because online reviews, testimonials, and recommendations travel fast. 

If you are in feast or famine mode with your business. If you are stuck. If you haven’t been able to get the results you know your amazing product or service deserves, this boot camp is for you!


From an execution point of view, you have the tools to make your business successful and if they aren’t working for you it’s probably got more to do with strategy and branding than anything else. 

Small businesses who have strong, consistent brands that their ideal customers love and share, gain momentum, push past plateaus, and can do so without huge budgets and marketing investments.  

Without the right marketing foundation, many small businesses struggle because the marketing they are doing just isn’t resonating so they are wasting their precious time and money. 

But once they get it. Once YOU get it, the clarity is freeing.

Once you get the strategic foundation right, your marketing starts to resonate more. 

Your business starts to matter more to your ideal customers. 

You earn more recognition. 

You earn more loyalty. 

You start making a bigger positive impact in your community and for society. 

And you get past that dang plateau. 

You get more predictable and consistent income. 

You gain the momentum you need.  

But it all starts with the right foundation. A foundation that is unique to your business. 

I want you to have a thriving business. I want your dream to come to fruition. I can’t wait to see the impact you’ll have on society and in your community. 


Because, I believe that when more heart-led small businesses succeed they have the power to change the world in so many amazing ways. And successful business owners are happier. Their employees are happier. Happier people show kindness and compassion. And a kinder, more compassionate world is where I want my kids to live. 

So how can you get there? 

With the Strategic Foundation Boot Camp, of course!

This program helps you tap into a strong and meaningful purpose for your business and takes you through the steps to build a brand worth loving and the marketing plan to bring it to life in a way that helps you hit your revenue targets. 

The key to getting there is to get strategic and then execute strategically and consistently. 

Let’s do it together in the Strategic Foundation Boot Camp, book a consult call with me today. 

Hayley xo


  • Business owners who have been in business for at least one year.
  • For businesses who are struggling to earn predictable, consistent income.
  • For businesses who are doing marketing now, but not making headway. 
  • For businesses that have a very good product or service.
  • For businesses that want to have a greater impact.
  • For owners who will make marketing a priority for their business and be willing to dedicate 3-5 hours per week for the next three months.
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The Strategic Foundation Boot Camp will give you a solid strategy to confidently grow your business. You will co-create your brand strategy and marketing plan with Hayley. And, you will gain the clarity you need to market your business in a meaningful way.


  • Create and implement a meaningful, authentic, and differentiated brand strategy for your business.

  • Focus your efforts where they’ll get the most impact.

  • Communicate in a way that is likely to motivate buying behaviour.

  • Set realistic goals and spend your marketing dollars more effectively.

  • Create a marketing plan to meet your objectives, fit within your budget and time available to implement.

  • How to evaluate and evolve your efforts.
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Meet Hayley- Your Marketing Coach

With almost twenty years in progressively senior marketing roles, this award winning marketer has been at the heart of many beloved brands, including Canadian favorites Moose Light, Alexander Keith’s and Swiss Chalet.

Since starting Marketing On Purpose just over two years ago, she's worked one-on-one with over sixty small business owners to create brands worth loving and the plans to bring them to life and achieve growth goals. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a three-phase boot camp. Phase one is about brand building. During this phase you will watch a weekly video training, do an assignment then meet with Hayley for a one-on-one session. Phase two is about building your marketing plan. During this phase you will meet with Hayley for a one-on-one session and be given some work to do between sessions. The final phase is about implementation. At this time you'll be once a month for three months with Hayley for 60 minutes to make sure you are on track with your plan and to tweak it as needed.  

$7000 Canadian. Payment plans are available. Just ask Hayley what your options are. Some provinces have training grants that cover large parts of the cost. If you are in NB, you can likely get 50%-75% covered. Just ask Hayley how.

  •  Weekly 50-minute Zoom session with Hayley for 10 weeks
  • Three 60-minute monthly check-ins after the program ends
  • 8 training videos
  • 8 worksheets
  • One-page strategic branding document
  • Marketing Action plan just for you
  • 1 Excel forecasting tool
  • Hayley in your backpocket for six whole months!

3-4 hours a week for 12 weeks. Don't sell yourself short. If you are in growth mode, you need to be spending this amount of time on your marketing regardless. Now you can do it with a coach that cares, has the legit experience, and can walk you through it every step of the way.

Simple... your success is my success. I need to know you'll be dedicated. I need to understand your struggles and we need to click. We will be spending a lot of time together and you'll be sharing a lot about your business and yourself with me.  Book it here. 

Currently, there is a waiting list for one-on-one time with Hayley. The wait is usually between 4-8 weeks. 

Get started today!

Get the strategic foundation and senior-level marketing support you need to get past that dang plateau, build a brand you're excited about and grow your beautiful business.


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