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Avoid Roll-The-Dice Marketing

As entrepreneurs we are brave, courageous go-getters. We go for it. We are creators and visionaries. 

Progress is the name of the game.

But in our haste to gain momentum, we unknowingly succumb to practicing roll-the-dice marketing. This is when we try anything and everything to drum up business, with no real plan or strategy behind what we are doing.

We are looking for that quick win that will put us on the right track. We are focused on growth and sales and not always on what matters most in the marketing equation, our customers.

Roll-the-dice marketing often backfires. We end up just wasting time we don’t have and money we can’t afford.

No one is immune to this… in fact, even seasoned marketers roll the dice. It comes from being so results-focused that we put our needs before those of our ideal customer.

So how do you stop rolling the dice and wasting time and money on marketing efforts that don’t pay off?

Change from a mindset of lack to one of helpfulness

If you don’t want to waste time and money stop focusing on yourself and start focusing on how you can help your customers and potential customers. If you do this, you will start talking to your potential customers in much more meaningful ways because the focus will be on them, not yourself. This will also make your content marketing much more relevant and engaging!

Know why your ideal customers buy from you

For instance, I sell marketing boot camps to help entrepreneurs so they can be more strategic with their marketing efforts.

Who cares, right?! You don’t care what I do. You care if what I do can help you.

Buying decisions are emotional. This is not a myth, the part of your brain responsible for decision making is the emotional side. The other side is responsible for logic and language. Since decisions are emotional- don’t waste your time “rolling the dice” with messages won’t get an emotional response. Get to know why your customers are buy at a deeper level.

Take the time to really understand our customers, what drives them, why they care about our offer, and how they make decisions to buy what we are offering. There are so many ways to find out what we need to know about our ideal customer.

For guided help on how to get the answers you need check this out.

Start with the foundation and build from there

To get the results you want, you must get the foundation right. Strategy must always come before tactics.

Many companies focus on doing more “things” to help them reach their goals, but that’s not the answer. Having worked with over forty brands, I can tell you without a doubt that doing more of the wrong things doesn’t work. Without a solid brand strategy, your efforts will never be as effective as they could.

Brand strategy is about knowing your ideal customers, your competitive advantage, your promise, purpose, personality and more. Its not whether you’ll advertise on Facebook or do content marketing. It’s really the essence of your brand.

A really great brand strategy based on research, not assumptions, and fueled by purpose, will truly help you to stop rolling the dice and start motivating buying behavior.

For help building a brand strategy that will work for your business, check out the Strategic Foundation Boot Camp, offered quarterly through Marketing On Purpose. 


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