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7 Tips to attract Millennials to your small business

Do I ever love Millennials and what they stand for!

Right now, they are between 18 and 37, and represent an important demographic for many industries and small businesses. I personally hover the boarder of Generation X and Millennials and the majority of my clients and many of my friends fall within this generation.

And though, you’ll never find me making a purchase from my smartphone while I’m in a store like you will 41% of Millennials, I will pay more for sustainability, I do see my purchases as a reflection of my personality, and I will read reviews before making a big purchase, most of the time.

What about you? Do you have any of these seven habits/values? And more importantly, how will you use these tips to attract Millennials to your small business?


1- Make mobile a priority sales channel for your biz.

It’s no surprise that Millennials are online shoppers. But what’s more is that they are MOBILE SHOPPERS.  If you are targeting...

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