ChangeMasters Mastermind

Create positive change and catapult your business.

Join a group of glorious, heart-led business owners striving to create unique positive impact on society while simultaneously growing the business of your dreams. 

Application process starts in May for the Sept 2020 cohort.

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The application process starts in May, but you can get a headstart on your application by signing up to our email list. Only 12 spots available for the Sept 2020 cohort.

"The work you've done with me thus far has been earth quaking amazing. And we aren't even done yet!! Girl, you literally are 'IT' for purpose driven, impact led leaders and entrepreneurs. Xo"

Terri-Ann Richards
Business Owner


You've tried it alone and it's tough. It's slow. It's inconsistent. There's a lot of uncertainty. Ideas may not flow freely or you've got so many you can't get anywhere.

Join me in September for the first ever ChangeMasters Mastermind. Surround yourself with amazing heart-lead business owners, get inspired, get motivated and learn strategies that can take your business and the impact you are trying to make to the next level. 

More details coming soon.


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"Hayley helps you move your business forward. She helped me peel back my layers to discover my Purpose and my WHY. She helped me discover my seed to grow."

Amanda Hanson
Business Owner

The ChangeMasters Mastermind will:

  • Ignite light bulb moments with the potential to propel your business and your cause forward.
  • Help you market in a way that is in alignment with your values and goals. ·
  • Keep you strategic, consistent and removing barriers quickly. 
  • Give you the know-how to improve marketing execution and keep you accountable to your goals.
  • Get you out of your own damn way so you can make positive change you were meant to make.
  • Provide ongoing support from the whole group, collective wisdom and new connections.
  • Help you achieve big growth in 2020 and beyond.
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Dear heart-led change maker, 

You are here so I know you want to create greater impact and positive change above and beyond what you are doing now. And that, my friend, absolutely warms my heart.
Over the last two years, I've been helping small business owners on build brands and strategies to help them grow. The  most rewarding part for both myself and my clients is when they discover their purposes.
By helping small business owners discover why their companies really exist, we find the foundation on which to build meaningful brand strategies that can drive their businesses forward.
Today’s customers are looking for more than just the next big sale, they want their buying decisions to help create positive change. So from a business perspective, there is no better time than now, to make the impact you've always wanted to make.
And, quite frankly, from a human perspective, the world needs the change you want to make! 
It is my belief that when more companies push forward with noble purpose everybody wins. Customers are happier, communities improve, people are more fulfilled and positive change ensues.
My clients work hard each day to bring their brands to life, to connect with their customers in meaningful ways and to do their part in making life just a bit brighter. From helping to build more confident kids, to helping people get stronger physically and mentally, to helping us embrace the bodies we have now to supporting vulnerable teens and underdeveloped communities,  my clients are creating a ripple effect of positive change. They are also creating brands that they, their partners, their employees and their customers are falling in love with.
So my purpose, is to help you find yours so you connect with your customers and prospects more authentically and on a deeper level. And in doing so, I am helping to create a better tomorrow each and every time I go to work-- and so are my clients. 
This mastermind is the next step. It's an opportunity to surround ourselves with like-minded heart-led leaders of change, and take our efforts to the next level for business prosperity and massive positive impact. 
I hope you'll take this life-changing journey with me starting in September 2020. 
xo Hayley

Use the power of this mastermind to catapult your business success in 2020.

Get notified when the application process starts. Program starts in September 2020.

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