Marketing Mentorship with Hayley

Imagine what you'll accomplish with a seasoned marketing strategist in your back pocket!


This is the VIP-est option we have. Enjoy progress every week for a year as Hayley and her team of channel experts guide you through everything you need to take your business to the next level of impact and growth.*

This highly interactive VIP coaching experience is for heart-led business owners who want to make an impact beyond profit. You will figure out your goals and we will build a custom plan together to get you there. With this program, you will be guided through the strategy and execution you need to help you reach your marketing goals.

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What's included?

  • A combined 45 hours of coaching with Hayley and her channel experts, to be used within a one-year period. Usually one hour per week, but flexible depending on your needs.
  • Email access to Hayley for quick questions and feedback for the entire year.
  • You’ll gain access to supplemental training through the VIP online training portal with 60+ training videos covering topics like Brand Strategy, Buyer Persona, Brand Rollout, Annual Strategic Marketing Plans, Facebook & Instagram (including ads), Social Proof, Email Marketing, Campaigns & Promotions.

What's it like?

  • Be prepared to spend two to three months building the foundation for your success, including building or revamping your brand strategy and building a buyer persona.

  • After each session, you will be given a to-do list to keep your business moving forward. You must do your darndest to stay on top of it.

  • This mentorship program is for your company’s success, so if you have others within your organization who are involved in your marketing, they can be part of the training.

 Ingrid, Rising Tides Gifts

Hayley is a marketing genius and really dives deep into the specifics of your business. Not only does she teach really valuable marketing techniques, but she also shows you how to analyze your client behavior and sales and develop custom strategies unique to your business. Working with Hayley has been immensely valuable to me and my business and I have recommended her to colleagues numerous times.

Matt, Str1ve Fitness

Working with Hayley has allowed me to grow my business so much faster. Prior to starting with her, doing my own marketing was becoming so overwhelming. Working with Hayley gave me the confidence of having a plan, helping me define my brand, find my niche, and then how to execute on marketing. Multiple times she was able to come in like Wonder Woman and rescue me. Now, I’ve got more clients than I can even handle, with more asking every week. 

 Justin, Bubbles & Balms

Hayley has been an amazing Coach for our marketing efforts. Her expertise and adaptability over the first 6 months together met our changing needs and consistently advanced our brand. Professional, experienced, and focused…Hayley is simply great at what she does.