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Top Marketing Trends to Help Skyrocket Your Small Biz (That *Aren’t* IG Reels)

Reels, reels, reels.

It seems that all anyone is talking about in 2021 is how to use short-form video on Instagram and other social media platforms to reach a wider audience and bump up business.

 Don’t get me wrong — we love reels and teach small business owners how to use them (and all of Instagram’s features) as part of their marketing strategy. But there are lots of other highly effective marketing trends that you shouldn’t ignore in your quest for the perfect reel.

Let’s take a look at some of the top trends in local business marketing, with an eye to what’s worth your time and what you should always keep in mind when choosing which marketing tactics to pursue.


1. Focusing on Your Reviews

Your online reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn are some of your most powerful marketing assets. Why? Because ads simply aren’t enough anymore.

No matter how much time or money you invest into paid ads and other forms...

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7 Tips to attract Millennials to your small business

Do I ever love Millennials and what they stand for!

Right now, they are between 18 and 37, and represent an important demographic for many industries and small businesses. I personally hover the boarder of Generation X and Millennials and the majority of my clients and many of my friends fall within this generation.

And though, you’ll never find me making a purchase from my smartphone while I’m in a store like you will 41% of Millennials, I will pay more for sustainability, I do see my purchases as a reflection of my personality, and I will read reviews before making a big purchase, most of the time.

What about you? Do you have any of these seven habits/values? And more importantly, how will you use these tips to attract Millennials to your small business?


1- Make mobile a priority sales channel for your biz.

It’s no surprise that Millennials are online shoppers. But what’s more is that they are MOBILE SHOPPERS.  If you are targeting...

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Avoid Roll-The-Dice Marketing

As entrepreneurs we are brave, courageous go-getters. We go for it. We are creators and visionaries. 

Progress is the name of the game.

But in our haste to gain momentum, we unknowingly succumb to practicing roll-the-dice marketing. This is when we try anything and everything to drum up business, with no real plan or strategy behind what we are doing.

We are looking for that quick win that will put us on the right track. We are focused on growth and sales and not always on what matters most in the marketing equation, our customers.

Roll-the-dice marketing often backfires. We end up just wasting time we don’t have and money we can’t afford.

No one is immune to this… in fact, even seasoned marketers roll the dice. It comes from being so results-focused that we put our needs before those of our ideal customer.

So how do you stop rolling the dice and wasting time and money on marketing efforts that don’t pay off?

Change from a mindset of lack to one of...

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Episode 9 | Small Biz Purposeful Marketing


 Episode 9 | Small Biz Purposeful Marketing 

I'm on vacation this week (YAY) and my internet access has been pretty much non-existent which has been awesome for disconnecting but terrible for going live. So today's show is a re-broadcast of a previous live that I've done.

In this episode hear about my recommended way for small businesses to be intentional with their efforts.  Start small and expand. 

Hope you love it. See in Live next week

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Episode 8 | Do small businesses need brands?


 Episode 8 | Do small businesses need brands?

On this episode of The Marketing On Purpose Show, I'll be answering the question: Do small businesses need to build brands?

Also during this episode, five reasons small businesses must take the time to create their brand strategies. 

I've spent the majority of my career in brand management so creating brands and bringing them to life is what I do best. For bigger businesses and commodities, brands are key.


Hayley xo

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Episode 7 | Dear Hayley Edition

Uncategorized Jul 04, 2019

Episode 7 | The Marketing On Purpose Show | Dear Hayley Edition

Once a month The Marketing On Purpose Show is all about YOUR businesses and YOUR questions. And it's that time again!

During this episode, I answer four questions: 
- should you change your social media strategy in the summer?
- how to get a competitive advantage if you don't own IP
- how to figure out buying triggers
- how to reach elderly customers

Have a great day! 

Hayley xo

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Episode 6 | Big Biz Methods for Your Small Biz


Having spent half my life as a marketer for companies big and small, I have noticed some things that big brands and mid to large companies are doing on a consistent basis that would really serve solopreneurs and small business owners well.

Sometimes, one small change in mindset, outlook or procedure can make a huge difference to your marketing results.

During this show, I share five ideas you might want to consider adding to your marketing efforts.


Hayley xo

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Episode 5 | The Power of No


During this episode of The Marketing On Purpose Show, I'm re-posting a panel discussion I had with four amazing entrepreneurs on how they have learnt to start saying "No".

Guests of the show are:
EmpowerMe Coaching by Kelly Carrigan
Amy at Click The Mouse
Catherine Doucette, Leadership & Communications Training
Leanne Cochrane of The Honey Do's

This was one of the most engaging episodes we've had so far. 


Hayley xo

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Episode 4 | Who the heck is my ideal client?


The number one problem for small businesses with respect to their marketing is they don't take the time to truly identify and understand their ideal customers.

During Episode 4 of The Marketing On Purpose Show, I share three tips to help you identify your ideal customer, two things you really need to know about them and one easy action you can take now that can up your marketing game overall.

One of my favorite topics!

Hayley xo

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Episode 3 | Purpose Beyond Profit


Buyer expectations demand that companies start to matter more. 
Learn why it is the right time for you to dig deep and find purpose beyond profit to support your growth goals.

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