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Want your business to stand out and matter more? Want to create something special that leaves things better than when you started?

But first, you need to get really good at marketing so your business can expand to greater heights. Afterall, how can you give from an empty cup?

That’s what we do here, we teach you to grow your business through responsible and strategic marketing so you can make your positive impact more easily. 

If you are done throwing darts and hoping to hit the bullseye with your marketing efforts. And done with the cookie-cutter get-rich-quick schemes that aren't working for you, let's get the clarity and strategy you need for greater success.


Built especially for small business owners with heart.


Hi, I'm Hayley- a corporate brand marketer turned entrepreneur, author, and coach. I wanted to contribute to a better future so built Marketing On Purpose to help small business owners, like you, thrive so they can then go out and make the world better. If that's your goal. You are in the right place.


More About Me

Ready to start feeling great about your marketing?

When you market with clarity, integrity, and purpose, your marketing becomes easier, more authentic, and starts working. And you better believe that it feels pretty darn good!

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Brand-Worth-Loving Book (Releases Aug 20/23)

Learn the proven brand-building method I use with all my clients. Get behind-the-scenes client stories and big brand examples as you are guided through introspection and external exploration to create an authentic small business brand that inspires. 

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Marketing Mentorship with Hayley

Work with Hayley for an entire year to build your brand strategy, analyze your product portfolio and pricing, build your marketing plans, and bring them to life. Each mentorship is different based on your goals and starting point.

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Build Your Buyer Persona Online Course

The first step to effective marketing is knowing your customers. Gain clarity on who you should be marketing to, what to say, and how to say it. With a Buyer Persona you can stop trying to appeal to everyone and start really resonating with those who will buy from you.

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From start-ups to seasoned entrepreneurs

Here's what our clients have to say:
Justin Sweeney

"Her expertise and adaptability over the first 6 months together met our changing needs and consistently advanced our brand. Professional, experienced, and focused...Hayley is simply great at what she does."

Véronique Thibeault

"Her insights and expertise have been invaluable in helping me to grow my business and reach new customers. I feel confident that I am now on the right track to achieving my goals. Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and unwavering support."

Dylan Hubble

"Hayley was top-notch in helping our business get our marketing established and figured out. We would be lost without her. We've been able to not only launch our business but also achieve sustainable growth. Cannot recommend enough."

Ingrid Munroe

"Hayley is a marketing genius and dives deep into the specifics of your business. Not only does she teach really valuable marketing techniques, she shows you how to analyze your client behavior and develop custom strategies unique to your business. Working with Hayley has been immensely valuable."

Wade Harris

"I was skeptical initially but after our first session, all of my doubts and fears were replaced with total excitement and enthusiasm. I'd recommend her to anyone struggling to find their brand identity and purpose, as well as those who are looking to take their business to a whole new level."

Tanya Nace

"Hayley is incredibly holistic in her strategic planning and coaches from a posture of positive encouragement. I highly recommend Hayley if you are feeling stuck or need to find the secret sauce to empower yourself to become a better leader and communicate more clearly about your purpose. "

What's your purpose activation style?

Once you know what kind of contribution you want to make with your brand, you need to actually do it. Take this QUIZ to find out which style of contribution feels the most authentic to you. Are you a Trailblazer, an Activator, or a Catalyst?


If your product or service is awesome, your marketing should be working...

 If you are putting effort into your marketing but it isn't producing results, it may be time to get strategic with a brand you love and a plan to grow it! Marketing feels good when it's in line with your values and when it is working! Let's give it a little kick in the pants, shall we?

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