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About Us

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Here's what Marketing On Purpose is all about. 
In a nutshell, my programs help small business owners discover their secret sauce for generating the kind of results they want. And that starts with really understanding themselves and their ideals clients.
By helping small business owners discover why their companies really exist, we find the foundation on which to build meaningful brand strategies that can drive their businesses forward.
Discovering your purpose will keep you going when things get tough as they inevitably do, and will help you connect to your ideal customers in a more meaningful way. Today’s customers are looking for more than just the next big sale, they want their buying decisions to help create positive change.
It is my belief that when more companies know and push forward with noble purpose everybody wins. Customers are happier, communities improve, people are more fulfilled and positive change ensues.
My clients work hard each day to bring their brands to life, to connect with their customers in meaningful ways and to do their part in making life just a bit brighter. From helping to build more confident kids, to helping people get stronger physically and mentally, to helping us embrace the bodies we have now, my clients are creating a ripple effect of positivism. They are also creating brands that they, their partners, their employees and their customers are falling in love with.
So my purpose, is to help you find yours so you connect with your customers and prospects more authentically and on a deeper level. And in doing so, I am helping to create a better tomorrow each and every time I go to work-- and so are my clients.
Hayley xo

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