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Four Ways to Boost Profitability for Your Small Biz

brand strategy small business pro tips Aug 15, 2022


In this live replay, I’m sharing four ways to help boost your profitability without nickel and dimming.

This episode is about profitability… you know- that pesky thing that makes the world go round.
After all, it’s one thing to make more top-line revenue – sell more stuff, but for you to bring home the bacon, you’ve also got to look at profitability.

In this live, I share four things you can do to increase profitability so you earn more from each sale.

The strategies discussed include:

  1. Attracting the right customers will make you more profitable. To do this you need to first figure out who your
  2. Sell more to existing customers or re-engage dormant customers. It costs less to sell to an existing or previous customer than to acquire new customers. Maximize earnings from each customer!
  3. Focus on higher profit margin products and services in your marketing.
  4. Create a brand for which people will pay more so you can increase your price. People will pay more for brands that have a purpose

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