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Why isn’t your marketing working?

marketing mindset marketing strategy small business pro tips Sep 12, 2022


Most small business owners who are investing time into marketing are doing so with one end goal: to increase sales.
It’s really frustrating to put in the effort and not get results. During this episode of the Marketing On Purpose Show, I share some of the top reasons why your marketing might not be bringing home the bacon. Ask yourself:

  1. Do you have an awareness problem? It’s a numbers game. If you don’t have the numbers from an awareness perspective, you likely won’t get the sales you are looking for. In this video, I share lots of ideas for brick and mortars to generate more awareness.
  2. Is your marketing actually resonating with your ideal customers? The way to fix this is to get to know your customers better and stop making assumptions about what they might be interested in by actually asking them. Consider building a buyer persona, and remember, people love people more than they love businesses, be more human in your marketing.
  3. Are you doing too much, but not doing it well? If you are just doing a bunch of stuff and throwing out a bunch of different messages, your potential customers may just be confused. If this is you, you should create a plan. Need help? Well, geez, glad you asked… that’s exactly what we do here at Marketing On Purpose. 😉
  4. Do you have a shaky foundation? If there is something wonky in one of the fundamental parts of your marketing be it your pricing, your brand strategy, your offer, your customer service or even your mindset?

Hope this helps!

Hayley xo

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