The 3-2-1 on Brand Strategy with Hayley

Season #1

Welcome to the first episode of Daring Dreams: Heart & Strategy in Small Business Marketing. Today, Hayley Bohan dives into her absolute favourite topic – the importance of building a brand strategy for small business owners and solopreneurs. In this episode, Hayley introduces the "three, two, one" framework, offering three compelling reasons, two actionable tips, and one inspiring story on why you need to create a brand strategy.

Show Notes:

  • Introduction: Hayley Bohan discusses the significance of infusing personal values and beliefs into your business through a brand strategy.
  • Three Reasons to Create a Brand Strategy:
    • Clarity: A well-defined brand strategy provides clarity on your brand’s identity, messaging, and differentiation in the market.
    • Meaning: Infusing personal values and beliefs into your brand creates a meaningful and fulfilling business journey.
    • Ease: A strong brand strategy simplifies marketing efforts by providing a clear direction and consistent messaging.
  • Two Actionable Tips:
    • Know Your Customers: Engage with your customers to understand why they choose your business.
    • Believe in Your Legacy: Envision your business as more than just a product or service – see it as a lasting legacy.
  • Inspiring Story: The journey of Khryspn Jensen, a first aid trainer, who transformed her business through a solid brand strategy, eventually creating a franchise model.
  • Call to Action: Visit our website to learn more about building a brand strategy, and check out Hayley’s book, "Brand Worth Loving," for a step-by-step guide.

Additional Resources:

If you're ready to bring clarity, meaning, and ease to your business, create a brand strategy. Head over to our website for resources and courses to get you started. Don't forget to subscribe to Daring Dreams for more insightful episodes!